What Are the Benefits of Articulating Boom Lifts?

When you are trying to decide which types of equipment to use on a new job, knowing the differences between two different types of machines can impact how the task is accomplished. For example, there is a difference between straight and articulating boom lifts, as the specifications of the job may decide which one you need. While many construction companies use the straight boom lift, the articulating boom lift can also be helpful for many tasks.

Getting to Hard-to-Reach Areas

Let’s say you need to work on an area that is in a narrow spot or is awkwardly positioned. An articulating boom lift can maneuver in any direction, so you can reach any part of your site that may need attention at a given time. The increased mobility will make your entire site more efficient and makes the tougher tasks just a little bit easier for you and your crew.

Can Be Adjusted For Size

What makes the articulating boom lift unique is the ability for the basket to go up and over objects. The joints on the lifts allow for the machine to extend and compress as necessary, making it easier to bring into a work area of any size. Go to as high or low a level as you need to on any structure or in any crevice with this device. Every job requires different needs to build something high in quality, and an articulating boom lift helps adapt to any of those needs.

Easier for Indoor Use

Many models of articulating boom lifts are electric, as opposed to fuel-powered. Therefore, they are most commonly used in indoor settings and have been designed with that in mind. Their compatibility also helps with indoor use, as the telescopic booms typically have to be restricted to outdoor usage only.

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