Used Articulating Boom Lift for Sale

Does your construction company sometimes fail to meet important deadlines? There are many different reasons for worksite inefficiency. While elements like the weather may be out of your control, one thing that you can control is being properly outfitted with the right gear for the job. Those who believe they may not have the best equipment possible can turn to Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc.

Since 2001, companies large and small have turned to us for used articulating boom lifts. At Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc., we always do our best to help construction companies across the United States successfully reach their deadlines.

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In order for a construction company to grow and be successful, having a dependable history of finishing jobs on time is crucial. Being outfitted with high-quality construction equipment can make it easier for any construction company to hit its deadlines. Those currently looking for dependable used boom lifts for sale can count on Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc.

Articulating Boom Lift Vs. Telescopic Boom Lifts

Popular among bigger construction sites, boom lifts help workers reach heights more quickly and safely than by ladder. Boom lifts can be broken down into articulating booms and telescopic booms. Both are used to reach heights you may not be able to by ladder.

Articulating Booms

An articulating boom is an aerial work basket with the ability to gain access to areas over obstacles. Also known as “up-and-over-booms,” articulating booms can be the best fit for a company that specializes in demolition. The hinges allow the work basket to go aerial and then horizontal to reach areas.

Telescopic Booms

The other category of booms lifts, the telescopic boom is the preferred boom for situations where the only direction needed to go is up. Just like an articulating boom, a telescopic boom is able to reach great heights vertically. Different from the other method of boom lift, a telescopic boom, or straight boom, does not offer much mobility once in the air. A straight boom is also able to reach greater levels of height than the articulating boom.

Customer Service

Having a dependable supplier of construction equipment can be the difference between a business that grows and reaches new heights and a business that goes under. Finding a company that cares about your success as much as you do is important in today’s world. That’s why we offer high-quality used articulating boom lifts for sale. Our emphasis on customer service has helped us stand out from the competition for nearly two decades. We also provide:

If you’d like to shop any of the used articulating boom lifts that we have for sale, we encourage you to reach out today. Browse our inventory or give us a call.

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