5 Tips to Consider to Help Make Your Construction Site Safer

According to Keller & Keller, there over 150,000 construction site accident injuries every single year. As a leading provider of used Lulls for sale and a wide range of other wholesale construction equipment, we want to promote the highest standards of safety for all construction workers. Sure, construction work has its dangers, but many guidelines and regulations must be adhered to on construction sites, mostly about the safety of all who work there.

Below are some tips to help make your construction site safer:

Keep Away from Operating Machinery

It’s relatively common to see workers congregating around a machine as they eagerly await the next step of a job. However, standing too close to operating machinery is always dangerous. Accidents can happen at any time, so workers and managers need to exercise extreme caution.

Use Ladders Correctly

It sounds like common sense, but some workers will try to use shorter ladders because taller ones are not available or are too far away to collect. Thousands of accidents happen when a ladder is used that is not long enough for a job. Every time a worker on a construction site stretches too far on a ladder too small, they risk falling off the ladder or tipping it over.

Check Your First Aid Kit

If your first aid kit is over a year old, then some of the medication may be expired, and any bandages may be less sticky than they once were. There’s no telling what type of accident could occur on a construction site, so all site managers should be prepared with a fully updated first aid kit.

Steer Clear of Damaged Equipment

We all have deadlines, but it’s not worth risking your life or the life of someone else to finish a job quickly. Never use damaged construction equipment because it can cause a host of injuries and trouble. Also, if you injure yourself or a colleague using a damaged machine, your insurance is unlikely to payout.

Have an Awareness of Your Surroundings All the Time

Construction sites can be massive, busy places. For this reason, workers should remain vigilant at all times. Nobody predicts when an accident will happen, that’s why they’re called accidents. When you’re on a break, check your surroundings for potential dangers.

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