What is a Genie Lift?

Since 1966, when Bud Bushnell first acquired a material lift that used bottled compressed air, the Genie brand has been experimenting with compression, hydraulics, and new mechanical engineering techniques and concepts. Although recently purchased by Terex, the Genie brand is steeped in history, long-lasting customer relationships, and innovation, and their products retain the historic name. From the Genie Hoist (1966), the first lightweight, manual/portable forklift, to various vertical manlifts, to the Genie SX™-180 (2013), a boom lift with a 180-foot vertical lift and 80 feet of horizontal motion, Genie lifts have time and again proved their “reach.”

We at Worldwide Construction Equipment have procured a vast quantity of Genie manlifts, as they have unmatched versatility for a variety of different industries. Check out our inventory of used genie lifts for sale today!

Genie Scissor Lifts

Now seemingly ubiquitous on both indoor and outdoor worksites, these motorized manlifts consist of recognizable scissor-like metal arms that fold or extend vertically. The arms have a mounted power work platform (electric- or gas-powered). With a scissor lift’s advanced hydraulic technology, workers can have access to higher work areas, and various materials can be raised or lowered with relative ease. 

We at Worldwide Construction Equipment have electric, dual fuel and diesel Genie scissor lifts ideal for any work environment. Genie scissor lifts ideal for any work environment. Many of our scissor lifts have high battery life and can be driven across rough terrains. Click here for our extensive selection. 

Genie Straight Boom Lifts 

Straight boom lifts and telehandlers are the perfect vehicles for large and small construction sites. These are similar to scissor lifts, but they only consist of a single arm that extends an aerial work platform up and out over staggering heights. They are also motorized and designed for easy maneuverability and heavy lifting.

From the S-40 model with a 40-foot vertical lift to the S-125, which is great for bridge inspections and stadium/arena work, Worldwide Construction Equipment has a large variety of boom lifts to meet your exact requirements. Take a look today, and find the used boom lift you need! 

We at Worldwide Construction Equipment are proud of our large selection of high-quality Genie products, and we will help you find the right boom or scissor lift needed at your construction site or warehouse. We also offer many other pieces of construction equipment from widely-known brand names. Contact us today to learn more about our used genie lifts and used JLG equipment for sale