8 Tips for Keeping a Construction Site Clean

Here at Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc., we like to provide information to our clients to help keep their construction sites clean and tidy. After all, as a leading provider of used articulating boom lifts for sale, we know how important it is to keep a site clean, safe, and efficient!

The following tips will help you and your staff to keep your construction site free from unsightly hazards.

Clear Access Points

Keep all sidewalks, roads, pathways, and stairways leading to or from your construction site clear and defined. This helps to prevent accidents and potential litigation if somebody gets injured by falling over debris. 

Clear Trash Every Day

All trash should be swept up and contained in bins. Additionally, an end of day cleanup ensures that nothing has been missed. Try to make sure that disposal bins are never too full before they are transported away from the building site for permanent disposal.

Remove Unused Items

Any items and materials that are not in use should be cleared away from the working area and locked securely in their correct places. Not only does this make the site look tidier, it makes machinery and materials easier to locate when they are required.

Check the Toilet Facilities

The maintenance of toilet facilities is essential for the health and hygiene of all workers and site visitors. Also, portable lavatories should be placed behind construction barriers so that the public can’t access them.

Utilize Chutes

If you want any easy way to transport waste materials from high elevations, implement chutes on your building site. This keeps waste out of the public’s view and stops any debris from scattering across the site.

Dust Control

Implement best practices in dust-control and airborne pollutant prevention. This may include purchasing safety ventilation masks for all the workers on your site. This is especially important when demolishing older buildings that may contain asbestos.

Clean and Return Machinery

When your heavy machinery is standing idle, try to make sure that it’s kept clean and in its natural position. This will help prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring.

Stay Secure

Try to make sure that surveillance, locks, and security personnel are highly visible. This will prevent vandalism, theft, or break-ins from occurring.

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