Tips for Buying Used Construction Equipment

As the online leader in used heavy construction equipment for sale, we carry a broad variety of machines from a range of reputable manufacturers. We’re proud to call ourselves one of the nation’s most popular buyers and sellers of heavy construction equipment, offering you a place to sell your old inventory and upgrade to better machinery all year round.

Are you new to purchasing second-hand construction equipment? If so, then check out our expert tips below.

Outline Your Exact Requirements

Before finalizing a purchase, take note of the equipment model, size, capabilities, and attachments. There may be several options available to suit your requirements. Never presume that equipment will be perfect for your work without thoroughly analyzing specifications against your exact requirements.

Know Who You’re Buying Your Equipment From

When you’re thinking about buying used construction equipment, know who you’re buying it from. It’s definitely worth the extra money it takes to travel, inspect the unit, and meet the person you’re buying from. If you do decide to purchase, make sure you hold on to your invoice because it contains the serial number, which is your proof of purchase.

Check All Fluids

By checking the fluid levels in heavy construction equipment, you can get an indication of how well the previous owners have maintained it. Try and check the transmission fluid, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant levels. This will also show you the current condition of the equipment. Search for other signs of neglect such as water in the engine oil so that you have sufficient evidence that the machinery is in good condition before you negotiate a purchase.

Leave a Paper Trail Including All Transactions

When making a purchase online, it’s crucial that you leave a paper trail so that you can prove your purchase if the equipment arrives in worse condition than it has been advertised. We recommend that you check all online transaction terms and try to work with websites that use secure payment processes such as Escrow.

Ask for a receipt, invoice, or other proof of purchase and try to avoid paying cash if your purchase is offline. Try always to receive evidence of payment and a guarantee where applicable.

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