Used Skyjack Equipment for Sale

At Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc., we know that you want machines that work as hard as you do. And to provide you with some of the most sturdy equipment on the market, we proudly feature dependable and durable used machines, like scissor lifts and boom lifts, all from Skyjack for sale.

A History of Excellence

Since 1985, Skyjack has been a trusted name in many industries across the globe for material and personnel handling equipment. The company has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing products that are easy to service and maintain, and allow you to maximize your return on investment. Skyjack’s simple design provides easy-to-use technology, and combined with reliability, and low cost of ownership, all which makes them a leader in the field and a common fixture on job sites around the world.

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Ease of Service and Maintenance

One of the hallmarks of Skyjack’s heavy-duty products is their standard color-coded wiring systems. This makes them easy to troubleshoot and repair. Additionally, their use of relay-based electrical systems helps to keep services costs low and adds to their ease of maintenance.

Skyjack also uses common components across model groups whenever possible. This results in a reduction in the number of service parts needed to maintain the machines. It also enables the easy and cost-effective utilization of off-the-shelf parts, as opposed to custom designs which can require necessary replacements.

Used Skyjack Scissor Lifts

At Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc., we feature a wide variety of quality used Skyjack products. For instance, if you’re looking to lift personnel and equipment in a vertical direction, then a Skyjack scissor lift is the perfect machine for the job. In fact, we have plenty of used Skyjack scissor lifts for sale. This reliable machine can handle just about any application that would require a ladder or scaffolding, but allow the job to be completed faster.

They can generally extend from 10 feet to 60 feet, and they’re ideal for building maintenance, overhead sign maintenance or installation, construction, warehousing, and retail, just to name a few industries and applications that use this versatile machine.

Used Skyjack Boom Lifts

We also feature a host of used Skyjack boom lifts for sale in our extensive inventory of high-quality construction equipment and machines. A boom lift is similar to scissor lift in that it’s used to raise materials and personnel for aerial applications. However, the boom lift provides much more flexibility than the scissor lift.

Because they are supported by a hydraulic arm, Skyjack boom lifts tend to extend to higher elevations than Skyjack scissor lifts and can maneuver around objects. And with certain models, this long arm can be angled in a variety of directions to get access to hard to reach spots. We feature a wide array of used straight mast forklift for sale in our vast inventory.

Buy or Sell

At Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc., we don’t just sell heavy duty used Skyjack equipment, like Skyjack boom lifts and Skyjack scissor lifts. We also purchase your used machines. So if you’re considering making an upgrade to your fleet, or want to trade your equipment in for a newer model, give us a call. We’re always interested in expanding our inventory.

By purchasing reliable used Skyjack equipment, you’re making an investment in some of the most reputable products on the market.

To place an order for any of our machines, like a used straight boom lift for sale, used scissor lift for sale or a used Skyjack forklift for sale, call us today.

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