Used Straight Mast Forklifts for Sale From Top Brands

When it comes to the success of your work site, having the right tools and equipment is a must. Time and time again, construction jobs of all sizes are delayed or go over budget due to not being prepared. Fortunately, there’s a company that has helped work sites flow efficiently: Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc. As one of the top choices for used straight mast forklifts for sale, our team at Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc. has helped improve the workflow of construction sites all over the world for years.

That’s right! We don’t just stop at buying and selling construction equipment from all 50 states; we’ve shipped and sold equipment all across the globe. Since 2001, we have supplied the equipment needed to get the job done quickly. Those looking to get a leg up on their competition can do so with the help from our equipment at Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc.

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Benefits of a Forklift

Since materials are constantly being delivered to construction sites, it’s beneficial to always have a forklift on hand. Without a forklift, unloading or reloading the material that shows up to your site on pallets can take hours. It may be easy to overlook the need for a forklift, but having one on standby can really help you get out of a jam.

If that isn’t convincing, here are a few other reasons why you may want to shop our used straight mast forklifts for sale:


Any construction supervisor or foreman understands how easy it is for their workers to come across an injury. The construction industry can be unforgiving to the bodies of both men and women. Fortunately, forklifts help keep your construction site safe. Just the simple motion of picking something up and moving it accounts for a majority of workplace injuries. A laborer who throws their back out by picking up something that’s heavy won’t have much use on your work site.


On top of helping your workers avoid injury, a forklift can also help improve workflow at your location. Instead of having a handful of workers unload a truck, a forklift can easily do the job even faster while not needing as many hands.

Why Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc.?

Those who may have been convinced they need a forklift may now be asking themselves why they should choose us. As one of the top retailers of new and used straight mast forklifts, we have just what you need to improve your business. Our level of customer care has helped us stand out from our competition.

On top of being the go-to choice for used straight mast forklifts, businesses of all sizes have turned to us for much more than just forklifts. We proudly offer:

Don’t let your business struggle to complete jobs on time any longer. When choosing Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc. as your trusted supplier of construction equipment, you can rest assured that your work site will run as smoothly as possible.

Those looking to shop used forklifts for sale can reach out to us today. Browse our inventory or give us a call today.

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