What is a Boom Lift?

Boom lifts are an essential piece of equipment for many workers in the construction industry or for businesses that utilize warehouse facilities in which goods are stocked at high vertical heights. Here at Worldwide Construction Equipment, Inc., we have a range of used scissor lifts for sale among other aerial lifting equipment. 

Boom Lift Information and Uses

Boom lifts are also known as cherry pickers, elevated work platforms, man lifts, and basket cranes. They’re aerial work platforms that workers use to access hard-to-reach places. Boom lifts consist of a platform, with a jointed crane connected, powered by a hydraulic lifting system and attached to a grounded base. 

Occasionally, boom lifts are mounted on vans or trucks. Their buckets are designed to ensure the safety of occupants while working at high elevations. Although there are several types of aerial lifts, boom lifts are preferred for accessing hard-to-reach areas that could be considered dangerous. Boom lifts can also be customized to serve specialist needs, such as transporting snowboarders up and down slopes.

Both window cleaners and firefighters regularly use boom lifts to help them with their jobs. Forestry workers, miners, electricians, and painting professionals also benefit from the accessibility that boom lifts provide. Feature film producers may also hire boom lifts to suspend lights over sound stages.

How Professionals Use Boom Lifts

Boom lift operators must be licensed and fully trained to use this type of equipment safely and legally. Also, boom lifts must be thoroughly inspected and tested before use, and safety harnesses should always be attached to workers when inside the boom basket.

The area surrounding the boom lift should be inspected for hazards such as obstacles, loose soil, and power lines that have fallen. Once everything has been checked, the lift must be adjusted accordingly to reach the correct area of elevation needed to complete the task at hand.

Once the required work has been completed, the boom should be lowered into a locked position while the basket should be lowered to a height that is safe enough for the workers to exit without danger.

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