Boom Lifts vs. Scissor Lifts: Choose the Right Equipment for Your Next Project

Take down your ladders! Boom lifts and scissor lifts are mobile, flexible ways to get your crew safely in the air while they work. At  Worldwide Construction Equipment Inc., we know which lift is best for which job, so check out this brief guide before you rent or buy equipment for your next project.

First, here’s a basic rundown of the two devices:

Scissor Lifts: A scissor lift uses a mobile scaffold attached to a vehicle to smoothly move a large platform vertically into the air.

Boom Lifts: A boom lift uses a hydraulic arm atop a vehicle to bring a smaller, “bucket” platform high into the air. Telescopic boom lifts have straight arms, while articulating boom lifts have jointed arms that can bend at multiple points.

The following questions can help you determine whether a boom lift of a scissor lift is the right choice for your crew’s needs:

How Many Crew Members Will Be Working At Once?

Scissor lifts have a large platform with the space and the weight capacity to hold multiple people and their materials. A boom lift platform, on the other hand, tends to be smaller and have a lower weight capacity.

How High Do You Need to Go?

Boom lifts top out at a dizzying height of 130 feet, while scissor lifts only reach 20 to 50 feet. The latter is adequate for most residential projects or indoor tasks, but a higher height may be necessary for tree trimming, working on high-rise buildings, and more.

How Large Is Your Budget?

Scissor lifts are typically more budget-friendly than boom lifts, though you can bring the cost of either piece of equipment down when you buy from a trusted used construction equipment wholesaler.

What Direction Are You Moving?

If you are elevating a worker up and over, such as during an electrical repair, then you need a boom lift. If you are only moving straight up and down, such as during a window installation, then a scissor lift is a good choice.

Do You Need to Maneuver Much?

The long arm of a boom lift can be angled in many directions to maneuver around obstacles and access hard-to-reach places. Since scissor lifts can only move up and down, however, they cannot be maneuvered.

Boom Lifts or Scissor Lifts: Which Will You Choose?

Still not sure which lift is the right fit for your needs? Ask our experts!

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