4 Ways to Find Used Construction Equipment Parts

Between business insurance, site liability, and workers comp, you could be paying thousands to insure your construction site and your company. That doesn’t even cover the amount it costs to insure and maintain your equipment. When equipment fails, you might find yourself in search of used construction equipment parts to save a little bit of cash.

When you’re looking for equipment parts, you need to know what it takes to find them. Follow these 3 tips to ensure that you find a great dealer of high-quality parts in your region.

1. Do Your Research

Before you start hunting for where to buy used construction equipment parts, you need to do your research on the part you’re looking for. Many different manufacturers might make similar parts, lower cost versions, or more efficient replacements. You need to know what is possible before you open up your wallet.

Not knowing what to expect to pay for your used construction parts could cause you to overpay or order parts that are inadequate or too cheap. You should know what the acceptable range for parts like the ones you’re seeking out. When you’re searching for heavy equipment for sale, be sure to look beyond the sticker price.

2. Find Someone Local To You

Finding a great price is only one piece of the puzzle. If you’re paying through the nose for shipping, you might not be getting such a good deal after all.

Getting someone local to buy from means you’ll skip the hassle of paying for shipping and be able to pick up the part the day you need it. It also means you’ll be able to examine the part yourself. You can ask any questions you need to ensure you’re buying the right part and get to know a dealer who could be an asset for years to come.

3. A Licensed Dealer

Finding a licensed dealer means that you’ll be buying from someone who is licensed to sell construction equipment in your region. Every region will have a different criterion for what makes a licensed dealer, be sure to check if there’s any license available.

If there isn’t spend some time online reading reviews of the seller before you buy. You should get an idea of what people think of this seller and how people feel about working with them. While you should take online reviews with a grain of salt, if there’s an endless stream of negative reviews, you should think twice.

Used Construction Equipment Parts Can Save Money

When you’re on the hunt for used construction equipment parts, you could be saving your company thousands of dollars at a time. Construction parts can be expensive, especially OEM parts for specialty equipment for certain kinds of projects. Buying used parts could be as good as buying new parts except you’ll be saving lots of money.

Check out our guide for a comprehensive idea of what you need to know before you buy used parts.